Nov 18, 2008

Privacy Policy

Here at Compulsive Hoarding Help I take your privacy very seriously. Nothing is more annoying than being solicited seemingly out of nowhere. As you can see, this blog doesn’t have any type of information-collecting forms, so there’s actually no way for us to record your information. The only type of input form on this blog is the form for comments, but the form does not request any type of personally identifiable information (unless you give me your real name in the “Name field.) Long story short, since I have no way to collect your information, you should definitely feel assured that I cannot sell, rent, or otherwise use your personal information for any commercial (or non-commercial) purposes.

This site does display third-party ads from other companies with websites that may utilize cookies or other online tracking mechanisms to collect your personal information. I do not have access to this information. If you have concerns about your privacy, please see the following link:

There is a way to opt out of any advertising companies being able to serve ads to you based on your web surfing habits and preferences; it is at the following link:

I do use a web statistics tracking software that gives me basic information such as the IP address and city/state of my web viewers, and how they have arrived at my site, but none of these stats can be tied to any personally identifiable information. Trust me; I have enough to deal with without trying to keep up with everyone else’s information too. :)

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